SHBIE Staff attending Incorporating Entrepreneurship in GenNEXT Curriculum Workshop


6 members of SHBIE academic staff namely Zufri Hj Hassan, Nor Zaihamidawati Hj Abdullah, Noradinah Hj Jaidi, Dk Yusimah Pg Amjah, Juraidah Hj Musa and Norashikin Yusof had the opportunity to attend a workshop organised by TLC (Teaching and Learning Centre) on “Incorporating Entrepreneurship in GenNEXT curriculum” on the 11th of September, 2014.  This one-day workshop facilitated by Professor Steven Gold, a professor of entrepreneurship practice at Babson College, Boston, USA also currently a visiting professor at the UBD’s School of Business and Economics promoted the idea of incorporating entrepreneurship into the higher education curriculum by considering ways of nurturing the entrepreneurial mind set amongst students. 

Some of the highlights from the workshop were breaking some common “myths” of what makes successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs which are based on research findings that show that common traits such as persistence, passion and strong-willed have no co-relation to real success. 

The workshop kicked off with Professor Gold eliciting from participants some of the common perceptions perceived as successful traits of entrepreneurs.   Following this discussion, Professor Gold conducted hands-on activities that focused on two main areas: smart experiments and building relations which are some of the key areas that research has found to have positive correlation to success.

The workshop ended with presentation of certificates to participants.  More SHBIE lecturers have registered to participate in the same workshop scheduled to happen in November, 2014.